Volunteering Goa 

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About Volunteering with us

Spending time in India with Volunteering Goa is a truly life changing experience. We have a range of placements to suit your skills, experience and interests and we work with a wide range of charities based in Goa. If you don’t see anything here that quite takes your fancy, please contact us as we are always finding new charities to work with.

When you arrive in Goa, we’ll make you feel completely at home in your accommodation, right on the site of one of the charities. We’ll show you how to travel around Goa independently and give you advice on all the best places to eat, drink and sight see in this amazing state. This is the time to sort out all those things that were worrying you about spending time in a new and different country with the help of our friendly team.

After you've had a chance to settle in, it’s time to get to work! Whatever you've chosen to do, you will be making a big difference to people who need your help. Volunteer work can be directly with the people you are helping, in tasks like teaching or skill training, but it could also be in other essential areas like gardening, decorating, DIY or cooking. The details of your placement are flexible and will be confirmed with you and your placement charity before you start. Please do discuss your hopes and worries with us before and during your placement
Unlike many other volunteering organisations, our volunteers work individually or sometimes in pairs within a local organisation. While this can be a little daunting at the start, it gives a unique opportunity to immerse yourself totally in local culture and ways of life. All the senior staff and most colleagues in the charities that we work with speak excellent English, and they are your team during your placement. Most volunteers find that, rather than building friendships with other people from home, this way of working helps you to form deep and lasting relationships with local people in Goa. This gives you the chance to make a huge difference for them and is also gives volunteers a truer experience of local life in Goa. The Volunteering Goa team are always there to help if things get too much and there are opportunities to meet with any other volunteers who may be in Goa at the same time during days off.